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Welcome to Henry Piorun Reptiles - Updated April 28, 2022

Hi, I’m Madeline, Henry and Teresa Piorun’s daughter.

At 2:30pm April 12, 2022, a fire started outside of my dads breeding facility and workshop. The blaze took down the entire two story building along with everything inside. This not only destroyed his business but took everything he’s spent the last 30+ years building.

My fathers two biggest passions in life were his reptiles, and his RC planes. He became one of Canadas largest snake breeders, starting back in 1991. He has always been well respected for his knowledge, care and quality of his animals. He’s been a huge advocate for the reptile community over the years.

Henry also began building and flying RC planes when he was child, over time he began competing in competitions. In the 80s he represented Team Canada at the Worlds Competition and made the team again in 2019 in Italy. My dad is known world wide in the RC plane community for his craftsmanship, quality of work, sportsmanship, competitive nature and knowledge.

My family is currently mourning the loss of not only all the animal lives lost, but everything that made my Dad; my Dad. He turned his two passions and hobbies into his business, and in a blink of an eye they are completely gone. All the snakes, the cages, his tools, his planes, the entire facility.

I know rebuilding it completely is not likely or possible, but we are hoping to get enough donations so he can at least start again but small. Enough to cover clean up costs, and possibly get him some tools.


Phone or Text: 604-820-9324
Email: piorun@uniserve.com


Only two snakes survived out of hundreds

three days later in the morning it started again

thirty years now a rubble much work to do

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