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Shipping within Canada is no problem, I can ship virtually anywhere. I generally ship via Reptile Express, they have proven to be very reliable and service many areas across the country. Any areas not serviced by RE I use the smaller airlines or Air Canada depending on where you are located. Some examples of shipping costs are as follows:

  • Vancouver Island - Harbour Air $35/$40
  • Air Canada $185 most locations.
  • The best option is Reptile Express, this is a door to door FedEx OVER NIGHT service. Prices range from roughly $75 to $95, depending on your location. This is a great option if you can't pick up at the airport. Delivery days are Tuesday thru Thursday and someone must be at home to receive the package. I have had very good service from them and use them regularly. As long as your area is serviced by FedEx it should work fine. The only exception to that are the atlantic provinces, Reptile Express service is only availbale "to there from here" starting April 15th going to the end of Oct.

These are all a per box quote, you can get several animals in one box. Everything is professionally packed with heat packs and Styrofoam containers. For exact quotes or if you have any questions feel free to contact me. 604-820-9324 or piorun@uniserve.com

International Orders

I have a $3,000 minimum order for all international shipments, there is also a $250 brokerage fee. I can get CITES for most of the animals I work with. However there is usually a substantial wait involved, anywhere from 1-4 months for the paperwork depending on the species. I require a 25% down payment before I apply for CITES. Shipping cost vary greatly depending on where you are located. Contact me for more info.

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